Aqua Group: The Best Pool Service Company in Scottsdale

Aqua Group is the best pool service company in Scottsdale, Arizona. It is a customer-centric company, which is a plus! It offers high-quality pool cleaning, pool maintenance, and pool repair services. You will never be disappointed by the services of Aqua Group, as we are known for our professionalism, quality; which is why you can trust us.

The professionals at Aqua Group believe in providing the best services to our customers, hence, we serve them with nothing but the best. The materials that we use are of high-quality. We make use of the latest equipment and cutting-edge technology in every project allotted to us.

The servicemen and employees are professional in the work and conduct. They are highly-skilled and provide quick service in a short period.


We at Aqua Group, believe that trust and credibility are the core of a business. Trust is extremely important, and we strive to maintain that trust which is proof of our credibility.

Services Provided by Aqua Group:

  • Pool Cleaning Service:

To maintain your pool, cleaning it regularly is important. We provide you with regular services of pool cleaning, our servicemen will reach your place without any reminders from your end.

The servicemen quickly skim the pool with a net and brush the walls of your pool. They also test the pool water and its chemical levels; they treat the water if needed to make sure the water is healthy.

This weekly service also includes a quick check of the equipment and machinery of the pool. They run the machinery and equipment to observe the functionality minutely.

  • Pool Repair Service:

Before getting started with the pool service, our professionals inspect and diagnose the pool. As most pool owners are not aware of the condition or underlying threats to their pool, the professionals start with a detailed diagnosis. This helps us to identify the condition of your pool and issues related to it, with precision and accuracy.

Once the issues are identified, the repair process is initiated which lasts for hours and sometimes days. The professionals repair the issues related to the pool as well as its machinery. They also add proper polishing which adds the finishing touch to it.

  • Pool Maintenance Service:

Pool Maintenance is mandatory; it should be done regularly, consistently. It is advisable to hire a professional to do this work for you.

When you appoint Aqua Group to do this for you, we take responsibility for the cleanliness and regular maintenance of your pool. We clean the pool, check the water levels and the chemical levels in the pool, brush the walls of the pool, and check the functionality of your pool equipment. All this work is done once in a week, without any excuses.

  • Pool Renovation and Remodeling:

There are situations when you may want to renovate the existing pool. The reasons for it are innumerable. We, at Aqua Group, understand the problem or the reason for renovation and give our best to help solve your issue in a limited time frame. 

  • Pool Opening and Closing:

There are some peak seasons and off-seasons of running a pool. We help you open and close your pool professionally. 

  • Pool Inspection:

To maintain the good health of your pool, we recommend getting regular pool inspections done; this is taken care of by our professionals and helps keep your pool safe and in the best condition.

  • Equipment Repair:

The pool equipment has to be in a running and good condition always. If we find any equipment that needs attention, our pool repair servicemen will fix the issues of your pool equipment as well.

  • Pool Leak Detection:

The most common problem faced by pool owners is the leakage in their pool. The professionals of Aqua Group provide an immediate solution to this problem by making use of cutting-edge technology and skills.

  • Liner Replacements:

Replacements of Liners are best when done by professionals. Our team will make sure to accomplish this in the best way possible irrespective of the size or kind of pool.

  • Pool Water Testing:

Pool water has to be tested regularly to have the pool in a healthy condition. Aqua Group takes up reliable pool water testing and follows the industrial practices.

Reasons why Aqua Group is the Best Pool Service Company:

  • Experienced, Trained and Highly-Skilled Professionals and Servicemen
  • Guaranteed Professional Service
  • High-Quality Repairs
  • Satisfied Customers
  • CPO Certification | NSPF Certification

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