7 Tips for Simple Pool Cleaning in United States

When cleaning your swimming pool, you often follow a routine procedure. In this way, pool cleaning is reduced to perform a number of obvious tasks. Although this will not be a problem in the short run, we anyhow advise you to always pay attention to the following when cleaning your pool.

Amazing Tips to Clean Your Pool:


  1. Cleaning the edge of the pool:

Cleaning the edge of the pool is often delayed because it is a work-intensive and time-consuming task. We do, however, advise you to clean the pool border on a regular basis.

That way you can keep away from limescale build-up at the waterline. The longer you delay this, the harder it will be to clean up the limescale.

Hence, it is essential to regularly take some time to carefully clean the border of the pool. It is the key to a clean and hygienic water line, without any formation of scale on the surface and walls of the pool.

  1. Adding of flocculant:

If the same water is being used for a long period of time, a number of concentrations may rise. Calcium, iron, copper… can become an issue and may even cause brown coloured stains in the pool. To avoid this problem, a flocculant should be used.

It will accelerate the removal of all these dirt particles, so they can be easily removed from the pool with a pool vacuum. All you need to do is put the bags of flocculant in the skimmers.  The filtration will disperse the powder or solution and let it do its work.

This product has the plus point of providing clean pool water. In other words, this flocculant is not dispensable!

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  1. Pool cleaning vacuum:

The next step is to take off these dirt particles, which should be done with a pool vacuum. These come in dozens of modifications.

Manual vacuums are relatively not so expensive. Here too, anyhow, there are different cost categories. Our common experience is that a much more costly vacuum such as the Fair locks cleans better than a cheap variety.  Moreover, a Fair locks pool cleaner also cleans much faster than not so costly cleaner.

Anyhow, cleaning the pool with a manual vacuum takes much more time and is quite work-intensive. The perfect alternative is the automatic pool cleaner. Here, you let the vacuum do your work for you. The purchase cost cannot be compared with that of a manual vacuum. However, an automatic pool cleaner is not only the most convenient but also allows you to save on the number of products needed for your swimming pool maintenance.

  1. Removing of leaves:

Leaves badly affect the quality of the water because they absorb more amount of chlorine. That is why they must be cleaned at regular intervals.

This can usually be done with a skimming net, but also the skimmer basket should be cleaned regularly, as it will often contain a huge amount of leaves.

  1. Roll deck cover cleaning:

A good amount of dirt particles will build upon and in the cover of the pool. To remove these dirt particles and maintain a good appearance of the roller deck, you have to thoroughly clean the cover of the pool.

A great product for this is the roller deck De-scaler. Use a proper sponge to clean the roller deck, which does not take too much time. After cleaning, it is suggested to wait for a period of time before using the pool again. You must allow the product to become totally absorbed. It is, therefore, best to stay a day without swimming.

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  1. Backwashing the pool filter:

Backwashing the swimming pool filter is an absolute necessity. Without a backwash, the filter can get blocked up completely. In extreme conditions, this may even cause the exploding of the filter.

The solution, however, is very simple. Have the filter perform a backwash once a week in order to eliminate the dirt particles. Once they have been eliminated from the pool, the pressure inside the filter can never increase to the level it gets exploded.

  1. Regularly refreshing the water:

Our last tip is something you need to do only sometimes per year. Addition of freshwater to the pool will reduce certain levels of salts and metals such as chlorides, iron, copper, etc.

These levels must be reduced to make sure of proper disinfection of the swimming pool. And also, high concentrations of metals can cause brown stains of the pool.

How to avoid this? Make sure to add 3 to 5% of the total water volume to the swimming pool minimum 3 times per year.

 Attention: Do not use well water for doing this. This water contains really high concentrations of metals and will only make the condition of the pool worse.

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