Pool Leak Detection | Causes and Fixing Pool Leaks

If you are an owner of a swimming pool, you need to know about these causes and fixes of about swimming pool leaks.

Swimming Pools come in various shapes and sizes and contain thousands of gallons of water. This means that if there is a leak, it can lead to a significant amount of damage.

A leaking swimming pool may lead to the need for multiple repairs, and if a leak goes unnoticed for a long time, the more expensive it will be to fix it.


Examination of Pool Leak

Your pool will evaporate naturally by itself, that is why it is crucial to understand the signs of a leaking pool. Most pool leaks start small and gradually increase if they are undetected. There are many reasons for a leak, but the average leak starts quite small.

A general rule of thumb is that if you lose more than one-fourth of an inch of water every day, then there may be a leak present. This would make a total of 1.5 inches of water loss every week, which would measure a big amount. While one-fourth of an inch is a sign of a leak, one-eighth is considered as average evaporation.

Causes of Swimming pool leak:

  • Changes in Temperature: 

Changes in temperature can cause huge destruction on your swimming pool as frozen cold water causes cracks and other damages. These problems will not always be obvious until you start your pool back up as the weather gets warmer. You will have to safely close your pool for the winter, which may require that you drain the water. If you do not feel comfortable doing it on your own, we recommend you hire a professional to help you close and open your pool and check if there is any winter damage. 

  • Shifting Ground:

Shifting ground may gradually apply pressure to your swimming pool, which may lead to leaks. Similarly, roots of trees can expand into the foundation of your pool, pushing through and creating holes or cracks.

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  • Construction: 

Accidents may happen, and many people have dealt with the loss of water or a power outage when a piece of construction equipment hits something it should not. This sort of incident can also occur with your swimming pool.  

  • Levels of Chemicals in water:

Chemicals are really important for the safety and cleanliness of your swimming pool, as they protect swimmers from micro-organisms and other things that might contaminate the water. We know it can be difficult to maintain your swimming pool at the right chemical levels, but we cannot emphasize enough the significance of the correct amount of balance. An imbalance is not just dangerous for the people who use your pool, but also it can damage the foundation and several components of your swimming pool, causing vulnerable spots, cracks, and leaks. 

  • Time:

Just about when everything you own will eventually show signs of ageing. Your pool will almost surely develop problems from wear and tear over time. A leak is one way in which a piece of swimming pool equipment can let you know that it needs to be replaced or repaired. 

Fixing Pool Leaks:

  • Crack in Pool:

For concrete pools with cracking of surface, most of them do not leak, especially if it is a smaller surface check cracks or shrinkage cracks on steps. But for larger and deeper cracks, these definitely can leak and has to be dye tested to be verified. Cracks can be filled with pool putty, silicone, or plaster mix to seal most of the small cracks. 

  • Leaks in Tiles:

For concrete swimming pools with the traditional perimeter tile band at the waterline, leaking can be more often found inside the skimmer. In rare cases, where the swimming pool bond beam cracks behind the tile and also cracks the tile, swimming pools can leak water through a crack in the top of the pool wall. Cracks in swimming pool tile can be cleaned, dried, and filled with EZ Patch 22.

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Hire Experts like Aqua Group:

Regardless of the cause and severity of your swimming pool leak, you will want to examine carefully and repair it as quickly as possible, you should rely on people that are trustworthy and expert in this field. Leaks can waste your money and often get worse over time, compromising the structure and safety of your swimming pool, so it is advisable to get it done by professionals like the ones on Aqua Group.


We suggest that you watch for any signs of damage and pay attention and keep checking to your water levels. If you appear to be losing more amount of water than you really would from evaporation and splashing, it may be time to get your swimming pool checked out by the professionals like us.

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