Top 6 Pool Maintenance Hacks You Must Try in 2020

Keeping your swimming pool in its best form is a wise thing to do, a swimming pool that isn’t clean can lead to unwanted diseases. Correct maintenance of a pool is not something you can do without utilising the proper tools and procedures.

You may have noticed that pool service pros use some equipment and procedures that seem a bit more complex, and you get tensed that you might never get access to such equipment.

There is no need to worry, as you can make use of what is easily accessible to you and yet, achieve amazing results. You can use several hacks to make sure that your pool is maintained properly for more pleasant swimming.

Given below are some of the top swimming pool maintenance hacks:

Top Pool Maintenance Hacks:


1. Vacuum your pool:

Yes, that is right! As much as this hack is ordinary to some people, it is still an astonishment to others when they get to know the trick. 

When you vacuum the pool, it stays clean for a longer period. However, above-ground pools and even some of the inground pools need this technology, and this conveys that you might have to do the cleaning by yourself. As such, you can simply just use a vacuum in your pool to remove the unsightly mistiness of the water. Many books on how to manually vacuum your pool are readily available online, so you can use such guides to effectively clean your pool.

2. Use pantyhose to get rid of debris:

Cleaning your pool from the waste can be quite frustrating. Pantyhose can work wonders in extracting most of the debris before the water goes into your filter system. All that you will need is a pair of pantyhose that is not used anymore, which you can attach to your skimmer baskets or skimmer nets.  These things will go a long way in making sure that your filter systems work more effectively. At last, be relieved that a skimmer basket with a pantyhose around it is more efficient than nothing at all.

3. Use baking soda to clean pool tiles:

The area around your pool is also necessary if you are to keep the entire pool clean for a long time. This explains that the tiles around your pool have to be clean to prevent the formation of detritus, which may later get into the pool. All you need is baking soda, which you combine with a little water to create a paste. After that, you can use the paste to scrub the tiles with a sponge or a brush. Do not be doubtful of using baking soda, as it is not harmful to your pool’s water and you.

4. Make Use of a blower to clean the winter cover:

During the winter season, you will probably use a cover on your pool to keep it in its best state and free from rubbish. As such, the waste will be assembled on the cover, and if you want to use the cover for a long time and prevent it from getting spoiled, you need to remove such debris.

The best solution is using a leaf blower, as it will efficiently get rid of most impurities and leave your cover looking good. This way, you can use the cover again and again before it wears out. However, as you get rid of the debris from the cover, be careful not to damage the cover in the process.

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5. Keep insects away using dryer sheets and lemongrass:

While swimming, obviously you do not want any disturbances, that is why you need to eliminate insects such as bees or wasps.  The first option would be to get inside the water, but you cannot stay long underwater. Which is why dryer sheets and lemongrass can be good alternatives for such situations. Insects like wasps will not prefer to get near dryer sheets, as they think it is a nest belonging to other insects. Lemongrass is useful in removing mosquitoes. You can even just hang the dryer sheets in an arranged manner so that they look more aesthetic and not just like a group of sheets around the pool.

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6. Use D.E. powder with your sand filter:

Sand filters are not very efficient in purifying fine particles from water. This means that you might have to wait for a longer time to get expected results when using a sand filter if your water is foggy. To prevent this, all you will need to do is get a small cup filled with Diatomaceous Earth powder, which you can put into your skimmer and let it flow through the system. By using D.E. powder with your sand filter, you will succeed in filtering small particles from the water, leading to a cleaner pool.

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Bottom Line:

Maintaining your pool should not be a complicated job with the above hacks. The best thing about these is that they do not really need complex tools or steps, and that concludes that anyone should feel at ease while trying them. Now you don’t have an excuse to leave your pool dirty with the above hacks.

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